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Keep the Memories Alive

Keep the Memories Alive

Welcome to ‘Keep the Memories Alive’, a unique initiative launched by Leger Holidays to ensure that stories, memories and family history linked to the First and Second World War are never lost or forgotten.

Ask yourself - how much do you really know about World War history?

With 2014 marking the centenary of the First World War, and the 70th anniversary of key dates from the Second World War, such as D-Day and Operation Market Garden, it is more vital than ever that important information and stories passed down through the generations are not lost forever, before it’s too late.

Research conducted by Leger with 1,000 under 16 year olds identified startling gaps in kids’ knowledge about World War history and their own family history. This sparked a drive by Leger Holidays to ensure that these important memories and historic knowledge are not forgotten through a campaign to ‘Keep the Memories Alive’.

Leger continued the drive to ensure memories are being maintained and asked whether adults are as well-informed as they think. They asked adults to take part in an online survey and kids were also encouraged to test their parents’ knowledge. The survey questions were developed in collaboration with Specialist Battlefields' Guide and Military Historian, Paul Reed.

Paul Reed

Paul has an MA in history and over 25 years’ experience as a military history researcher, lecturer and battlefields guide. He lived on the Somme for ten years, and regularly works with WW2 veteran groups in Britain and overseas. He is the author of six definitive books on WWI and has worked as a consultant for and appeared in BBC history programmes such as ‘Meet the Ancestors’, ‘My Family at War’, ‘Timewatch’ and ‘Dig 1940’.

So join us in our mission to ‘Keep the Memories Alive’. Whether it’s taking a pilgrimage to the battlefields of the Somme, pledging to do some research into your family history, or speaking to older friends, family members or neighbours, we can all do our bit to make sure we know what it was like to walk in the footsteps of heroes.

Keep the Memories Alive

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