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Keeping your Memory Alive Online

This is a great opportunity for families to get together and discuss their own history. Leger is urging the UK to speak to older generations about their family’s involvement in the World Wars, ensuring stories are passed down to future generations before it is too late.

Anyone can upload a story, memory, anecdote, picture, letter or any other personal memorabilia that they would like recorded, creating an online library of memories the nation can share.

To take part, email your memories to leger@lucre.co.uk.

You can upload your own memories or look through the information that has been uploaded by other people at our Memories section.

Please note – it may take a few days for your submission to ‘go live’ so please be patient once you have submitted

Sharing your Memories Face-to-Face

A personal account of someone’s own experiences is much more effective than any text book. Leger is therefore asking veterans if they would like to volunteer themselves to be an educational resource for the media and local schools or community groups.

If you are a veteran and would like to find out more, or volunteer yourself to form part of this ‘veteran panel’, please email leger@lucre.co.uk or call 0113 2431117 and speak to Rebecca for more information.


If you are a member of the media and would like any more information about the Keep the Memories Alive campaign or would like to speak to a WW2 spokesperson, please contact Rebecca at Leger Holiday’s press office on 0113 2431117.

For all booking enquiries please call Leger Holidays on 01709 385 624 or visit www.leger.co.uk

Battlefield tours

A battlefield tour can be a great way of getting a better understanding of the history and personal stories behind the world wars. Experienced and knowledgeable battlefield guides can help with personal pilgrimages and can help bring to life the stories of individual heroes who fought so long ago. For all booking enquiries please call Leger Holidays on 01709 385 624 or visit www.visitbattlefields.co.uk

Keep the Memories Alive

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Keeping your memories alive online


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