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Waterloo Re-Enactment Weekend

4 Day Tour from £339.00

Join us on a fascinating anniversary tour of the Battle of Waterloo to attend the annual re-enactment of the battle where Napoleonic forces clashed with the British under Wellington and the Prussians under Blucher. Over the weekend we see the battle refoug


4-Day Tour

  • Jun 16 – Local departure by coach, then to our hotel in Belgium for a three-night stay.
  • Jun 17 & 18 – We spend two days exploring the battlefields of Waterloo. We visit the Wellington Museum in Waterloo, see the key farms of La Haye Sainte and Hougoumont, and walk the fields where the fighting took place. We visit the Lion Mount Visitors’ Centre, see the unique Waterloo panorama and climb the steps up the Lion Mound to get a spectacular view of where history was changed forever. On this weekend, several re-enactor groups usually set up ‘battle camps’ and battle re-enactments so you can see what a British or French camp of 1815 was like, see drill, camp life and equipment. Breakfast
  • Jun 19 – Return home. Breakfast