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At War with Wellington - The Peninsular War

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On this fascinating battlefield tour we see the battlefields in Spain made famous by the ‘Richard Sharpe’ books and TV series. We examine the Peninsular War battles, such as Salamanca, Talavera and Badajoz. Walk the ground where British Redcoats fought the


14-Day Tour

  • Day 1 – Local departure by coach or Door-to-Door service, then to the Paris area for an overnight stay.
  • Day 2 – To the Bordeaux area for an overnight stay. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 3 – Continue to the outskirts of Madrid for an overnight stay. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 4 – This morning we visit Wellesley’s advanced ‘outposts’ along the banks of the Rio Alberche and hear the story of the fortified Casa de Salinas. Ascending the Cerro de Cascajal we view Wellesley’s positions on the opposite side of the Portina Brook. After lunch, we visit the battlefield memorial sited on the slopes of the Cerro de Medellin Hills and study the panorama of Wellesley’s victory from the Allied perspective. We stay for two nights in Badajoz. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 5 – Today we visit Fort San Cristobal and view the town of Badajoz below, scene of a bloody siege. We view the ‘breaches’ where the main fighting took place and walk the ramparts. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 6 – We visit the battlefield of Albuera and walk the ‘Fatal Hill’ and view where the principal fighting occurred. After visiting the monuments in the nearby town we drive to Salamanca for three nights. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 7 – This morning, we visit the Battlefield of Fuentes de Onoro 1811, one of Wellington’s finest victories. After lunch, we walk the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo in 1812 seeing the ramparts and castle. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 8 – Today we look at the iconic battle of Salamanca travelling across the battlefield and seeing where the fighting took place in 1812. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 9 – Leaving Salamanca, we study the retreat from Burgos and view the engagements at Valladolid and Venta del Poza, and the battle at Vitoria in 1813. We drive to Pamplona the fortress commander reluctantly surrendered to the Spanish. We stay at Pamplona for one night. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 10 – Today we see the bridge where Wellington wrote a despatch at the battlefield of Sorauren 1813 and see San Sebastian and Pamplona. We then follow Soult’s withdrawal northand the battle of the Bidassoa River 1813. After studying the bloody Storming of San Sebastián 1813, at Urrugne we will overview the battle of Nivelle 1813. Then we drive to the Biarritz area for two nights. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 11 – This morning we examine the battle of St. Pierre and study the French Sortie from Bayonne, visit Marshal Soult’s Memorial and see the Citadel. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 12 – Today we examine the Battle of Orthez 1814 and hear how Wellington was wounded. After lunch, we drive to Toulouse. We stay overnight in the Limoges area. Breakfast, Dinner
  • Day 13 – Today we travel to the Palace of Fontainebleau to discuss the 1807 and 1814 Treaties of Fontainbleau. Then to the Paris area for a overnight stay. Breakfast
  • Day 14 – Return home. Breakfast