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France Under the Jackboot - SOE, SAS & the French Resistance

7 Day Tour from £649.00

We look at the experience of France under Nazi occupation during the Second World War from the Battle of France in 1940 to the terrible events of the Holocaust in France, as well as the use of SOE and SAS, and the role of the French resistance. We see wher


7-Day Tour

  • Day 1 – Local departure by coach, or Door-to-Door service then, to Compiegne, north of Paris for two nights.
  • Day 2 – We start by looking at the German Blitzkrieg in 1940 and the Fall of France. We visit the graves of French soldiers who fell in defence of Paris and see where the Germans humiliated France by forcing them to surrender where the Armistice of 1918 was signed, seeing the museum here. In the Compiegne Forest we see where Paris’ Jews were deported by train to Concentration Camps. In the afternoon we travel to see the Museum of Resistance and Deportation covering the whole Picardy region in Tergnier. Breakfast
  • Day 3 – Today we focus on the experience of the Jewish community in Paris during WWII seeing the Holocaust Memorial site at Drancy which served as a Concentration Camp before those held here were sent off to camps in Germany and in the East. We view where the camp was, see the memorials and the Visitors Centre. In the afternoon we depart for Limoges for two nights. Breakfast
  • Day 4 – In the morning we follow the trail of SOE Agent Violette Szabo close to Limoges, seeing the village where she was sheltered, the area where she was dropped in and the ground where she was captured. In the afternoon we visit the village of Oradour sur Glane which was wiped out by SS troops in 1944. Now preserved as a memorial site, we enter through the visitors centre to learn of this tragic event from WWII and spend the afternoon among the deserted streets left just as they were in 1944. Breakfast
  • Day 5 – In Limoges we visit the museum of Resistance and Deportation and see where the Gestapo had its Headquarters, a place where SOE agent Violette Szabo was held. We then depart Limoges for Amiens, where we stay for two nights. Breakfast
  • Day 6 – Today we look at the French resistance in Northern France seeing where the attack on Amiens Prison took place by RAF Mosquitos. We also visit the graves of the RAF crews in the nearby cemetery. We then travel to Arras to see the ‘Mur des Fusillies’: the moat of an old fort where members of the resistance were executed during WWII, now a poignant memorial site. After lunch we visit the Resistance Museum at Bondues near Lille, before returning to Amiens. Breakfast
  • Day 7 – Return home. Breakfast