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Travel Insurance

Great Value Travel Insurance from Leger Holidays

Before travelling, it is a required booking condition that every passenger has taken out valid travel insurance as it provides financial protection for the everyday unfortunate happenings in life.

Leger Holidays offers two types of travel insurance - Gold and Silver, which offer different types of protection. You can use your own travel insurance, but you must contact us with the policy details and emergency contact numbers before travelling.

  • Gold
    • Provides the best cover, featuring higher limits and no excess to pay in the event of a claim.
  • Silver
    • Offers comprehensive cover, with an excess of around £35.

An estimated price can be found on each tour and brochure page. Travel Insurance can be purchased at the time of booking, both over the phone and online.

Comparison of Gold and Standard Cover

Cover Gold Cover

(Per person)
Excess Standard Cover

(Per person)
Up to Up to
Pre-Travel Policy
A1 Cancellation Cover Final invoice amount nil Final invoice amount £35
Travel Policy
B1 Departure Delay

First 12 Hours

£25 nil £20 nil

Each further 12 hours

£25 nil £10 nil

Up to a maximum of

£200 nil £60 nil

Missed Departure

£1,000 nil £1,000 nil


Final invoice amount nil Final invoice amount £35
B2 Personal Possessions £1,500 nil £1,000 £35

Valuable limit

£300 nil £200 £35

Single Article limit

£300 nil £200 £35

Possessions delayed 12 to 48 hours

£50 nil £50 nil

Possessions delayed over 48 hours

£150 nil £150 nil
B3 Personal Money £500 nil £150 £35

Cash limit if under 16 years old

£50 nil £50 £35

Travel Documents

£500 nil £250 nil
B4 Emergency Medial Expenses £10,000,000 nil £1,000,000 £35

State hospital benefit per day

£20 nil £20 nil

State hospital benefit in total

£600 nil £600 nil
B5 Curtailment Final invoice amount nil Final invoice amount £35
B6 Personal Liability £2,000,000 nil £2,000,000 £35
B7 Personal Accident

*Death Limit

£30,000 nil £10,000 nil

Permanent loss of sight or limb

£30,000 nil £10,000 nil

*Permanent total disablement

£30,000 nil £10,000 nil

* payment reduced if aged under 16 or 64 to:

£1,000 nil £1,000 nil
B8 Legal Advice and Expenses £50,000 nil £10,000 nil
B9 Catastophe £500 nil £500 nil
B10 Non appearance of artist £50 nil £50 nil
B11 Homeplan £100 (plus 3 hours) nil no cover nil
B12 Withdrawl of Services £500 nil no cover N/A
B13 Pet Care £200 nil no cover N/A